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“I have lost a pet and i’m not sure what to do!!!” Don’t worry, we have you covered. Below is a description of what you should do if you have a lost pet.

So your furry friend has decided to go on an adventure and you have no idea where they may be. Lets start by getting the word out.

First contact your local police department and let them know that your pet is missing and ask if they have received any reports of your animal. A high percentage of our calls come directly from the police department so there is a good chance that they may be holding on to your animal while waiting for us to respond.

No luck there, give us a call. During our normal business hours we are on patrol and we may have picked up your little buddy. After hours we are dispatched by local police for pick ups too. If we have already picked up your pet don’t worry, we love all animals! Even the ones that may not love us back. All we will be doing is transporting him/her to the animal shelter that the municipality contracts with. You can also report a missing animal by filling out the form below.

Finally, you are going to want to contact the animal shelter that your municipality is contracted with. All animals that we pick up are either taken to a vet, if medical care is needed, or to the animal shelter that the municipality is contracted with. Not only do different municipalities contract with different animal control companies, they also contract with different shelters. It is also a good idea to contact any other shelter that may take in stray animals in your area.

Most animals are required to be licensed in N.J. by state law. It is also a good idea to have your pet microchipped and/or be wearing a collar with an identification tag. Having these will allow us to reunite you with your animal quicker.

FurAlert is a free mobile app that’s like Amber Alert for pets. When a pet goes missing, the best resources you have are the people that happen to be nearby. But you likely don’t know them and they don’t know you need help. FurAlert is a time-sensitive and location specific emergency response system that enables pet owners to help each other. By installing the FurAlert mobile app on your phone, you become part of the FurAlert network. If a pet is reported missing near you, you’ll receive an alert on your phone with a picture and info about the animal, a map of where they were reported missing, and the ability to contact the owner if you see the animal. If it’s your pet that gets lost, FurAlert can help mobilize other animal lovers nearby to form a search party on demand and help you quickly reunite with your beloved pet. Learn more and download the FurAlert app for iPhone or Android at

Lost Animal Report

You may use this form to report a lost animal.



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