Independent Animal Care Services LLC

What should I do if I am unable to care for my pet?

If you wish to surrender your pet you must contact an animal shelter. IACS is unable to intake owned animals and we are not an animal shelter. Different animal shelters have different protocols for taking in an owned animal. A good place to start is to contact the animal shelter that your municipality contracts with. They will be able to explain their process for surrendering an animal and let you know what type of fees they may charge.

Keep in mind that most animal shelters have limited space. Try to make an advanced plan for your animal should you be placed on a waiting list. Please remember when surrendering an animal to the shelter it becomes the animal shelters responsibility for all the care needed by that animal (food, housing, and medical supplies aren’t cheap) on top of trying to find it a new home.

Some reasons people decide to surrender their animal can be easily remediated by some basic training. Here is a link to a local trainer that may be able to help with your pets behavior issues. The Camden County Animal Alliance also sponsors a quarterly pet food pantry for residents in need of food for their pets. Information on the pantry can be found here or at their Facebook page. Some shelters in our area also provide low cost spay/neuter and vaccine clinics. A list of these shelters can be found here. We understand that the decision to surrender a pet is a hard one. Hopefully some of these services will be able to help you keep your pet.