Independent Animal Care Services LLC

All found pets should be reported to the correct local agencies so we can give that animal and its owner the best chance of being reunited. 
  1. Call your local animal control officer/agency and report that you have found an animal. Here is the list of municipalities that IACS covers. If your municipality isn’t listed, give them a call and find out who handles their animal control services.
  2. Call all local animal shelters and report that you have found an animal. Here is a list of local shelters and what municipalities they are contracted with.
  3. FurAlert is a free mobile app that’s like Amber Alert for pets. When a pet goes missing, the best resources you have are the people that happen to be nearby. But you likely don’t know them and they don’t know you need help. FurAlert is a time-sensitive and location specific emergency response system that enables pet owners to help each other. By installing the FurAlert mobile app on your phone, you become part of the FurAlert network. If a pet is reported missing near you, you’ll receive an alert on your phone with a picture and info about the animal, a map of where they were reported missing, and the ability to contact the owner if you see the animal. If it’s your pet that gets lost, FurAlert can help mobilize other animal lovers nearby to form a search party on demand and help you quickly reunite with your beloved pet. Learn more and download the FurAlert app for iPhone or Android at
  4. If you have found an animal and our office is closed you can contact your local police department. They may dispatch out the on call animal control officer. Please make sure to provide them with a phone number and the exact location where the animal was found. The on call officer will normally contact you for more information before they respond. Please try to answer any phone calls from us within a timely manner to speed up our response.